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Chuck-ing the Content

By Steven Yuen Some people are of the philosophy that a reading’s not worth attending unless they’re sleeping with or want to sleep with the headlining author. I found this to be true when my now-ex girlfriend would essentially humor me by attending readings where I drunkenly fumbled my way through poems I would be […]

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The West Coast According to Great Apes

If there is one thing you need to know about San Franciscans, it’s that we can’t stop talking about our beloved city – Great Apes is no exception. Their latest EP, which Asian Man Records has scheduled to release this November, is titled “Playland at the Beach.” The album title references the now-closed ocean-side amusement […]

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Everything’s Better with Quaaludes

By Steven Yuen Evoking nostalgic feelings of early punk, Quaaludes is safely the most memorable band of 2014. The fierce foursome have been gaining a very dedicated and sizeable fan base, playing everything from actual caves to record stores and have just returned home from their first tour. I managed to catch them on their […]

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The Assassins of Rock

By Steven Yuen At times, it’s very easy to get swept away in the tide and boxed in when it comes to anything that falls under the umbrella of metal. Granted, it’s a big box that happens to possess such a diverse fandom, including your greying uncle to your little brother’s weird, smelly friend. However, […]

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The Chronic-cles

Photo by Drew Reilly “Marijuana Chronicles,” edited by Jonathan Santlofer, is an eclectic book of short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry plus a bonus graphic-novel piece that will give readers a light buzz and a hunger for more. The anthology is the next in Akashic’s Drug Chronicles series and certainly perpetuates the popular plant. The collection is […]

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A Taste of the Noir East

Interview by Ned Landers “Manila Noir,” edited by Jessica Hagedorn, is a collection revealing the underbelly of The Philippines’ capital city. The stories within “Manila Noir” offer a glimpse at this mysterious city and the people who reside in its darkness—even those Manilenos who have peered into the shadows, intrigued or horrified. This Southeast sampler […]

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They Came from UglyTown

Illustrations by Paul Pope “By The Balls: The Complete Collection,” written by Jim Pascoe and Tom Fassbender with illustrations by Paul Pope, throws readers into the underbelly of city life, where two-bit criminals gather in a warehouse for a cock fight, where crime bosses shuttle people who know too much down to the local quarry […]

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A Society Stemmed from the Depths of Hell

  Without Dante Alighieri, there would be no John Milton, Stephen King, Troma Studios or our Christian concept of the hereafter. Written over 700 years ago, his masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy” _ made up of three individual books: “Inferno,” “Pergatorio” and “Paradiso” _  changed an entire society’s outlook on the afterlife and still endures in […]

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Kevin Killian Gets Wide Open On His New Book: “Spreadeagle”

  “Spreadeagle”, by Kevin Killian, is a double header with two distinctive stories about two very different sets of characters. Part I, “Extreme Remedies,” follows the life of self-promoting and often-pompous fiction writer Daniel Isham, who is well-known for writing the “Rick and Dick” series, poppy and comical books about two gay men, which are […]

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The Lament of the “Autumn People”

The presence of a legendary writer has a certain undeniable gravitational force. It attracts, and sometimes repels, but always creates its own orbit. This is equally true when one leaves us. Since the passing of the great teller of tales, cosmic vibrations — in a silent and pandemic way — have been altering irrevocably those […]