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Chuck-ing the Content

By Steven Yuen Some people are of the philosophy that a reading’s not worth attending unless they’re sleeping with or want to sleep with the headlining author. I found this to be true when my now-ex girlfriend would essentially humor me by attending readings where I drunkenly fumbled my way through poems I would be […]

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The West Coast According to Great Apes

If there is one thing you need to know about San Franciscans, it’s that we can’t stop talking about our beloved city – Great Apes is no exception. Their latest EP, which Asian Man Records has scheduled to release this November, is titled “Playland at the Beach.” The album title references the now-closed ocean-side amusement […]

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Everything’s Better with Quaaludes

By Steven Yuen Evoking nostalgic feelings of early punk, Quaaludes is safely the most memorable band of 2014. The fierce foursome have been gaining a very dedicated and sizeable fan base, playing everything from actual caves to record stores and have just returned home from their first tour. I managed to catch them on their […]

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The Assassins of Rock

By Steven Yuen At times, it’s very easy to get swept away in the tide and boxed in when it comes to anything that falls under the umbrella of metal. Granted, it’s a big box that happens to possess such a diverse fandom, including your greying uncle to your little brother’s weird, smelly friend. However, […]

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Invisible-Six-String Samurai

The phrase “air guitar” evokes the image of pre-teens jamming out in their rooms to hard rock or heavy metal, banging their head without a care. Go up another level with “Competitive Air Guitar,” and heads are tilted in confusion at such a thought. Most who are aware of the competitive side of this hobby […]

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Bad News

With the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” coming up August 11th, Criminal Class has been spending its days, drifting through clouds of crystal meth cooking in the basement, pondering the fate of the show’s beloved chefs, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. When Breaking Bad first aired, back in 2008, Walter White (played by three-time […]

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For a lot of folks, this weekend meant one thing only: C2E2, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo—a time for oddballs, freaks and sweaty fan boys to come out of the woodwork and be awestruck at the vast array of events and activities featuring some the top celebs and artists in the graphic novel industry. Shocked […]

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The Price of Paper and What It Means About Your Future

College grads are having a hard time finding jobs. Watch this dude torch his hard-earned diploma.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOWUZbgg5ao While this man may or may not have greater problems than unemployment, all college grads have serious thinking to do. Are tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars of debt for an education worth it? Sure, those millions […]

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The New Curriculum

Schools are becoming war zones where warped, deranged minds are armed to the teeth, seeking revenge on other students who may have wronged them or simply a case of naked aggression. No longer will a backpack, a new pair of shoes and school supplies cut it; students are in need of tactical and defense training, […]

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Dwayne Thomas: Black Skin, Blue Collar

Skinheads are one of the most notorious and feared subcultures, as seen by the masses of the world. Thought of as going hand in hand with racism, naked aggression, and being comprised of social deviants and psychopaths, the general appearance of a skin is one Jane or John Q. Public with no more want in […]